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Want Peace of Mind?

Want Peace of Mind?

Spending precious time trying to get organized? Do it right the first time. With our simple, easy to use software you will have your financial situation organized in a few short hours. Updating your information only takes seconds. With ESS LifeTrack® you will be able to "Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden." TM

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"Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden"&#160;<sup>TM</sup>

"Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden" TM

Nothing missing.  Nothing overlooked.  Everything they need in an easy-to-find, easy-to-follow system that guides them through the complexities of your affairs.  It’s one more way to show your loved ones how much you care, and one less thing for them to deal with while they’re working through the grief of your passing.

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"My sisters and I have been so grateful for everything provided by ESS LifeTrack®. Everyone has been so caring and attentive. During the years when we accumulated all the financial and personal data into one binder for my parents, we were comforted to know that the information was accessible, updated and being evaluated annually

Then, when we needed support the most, the services provided to contact insurance companies, financial institutions, and settling the estate of my mother and father gave us the peace of mind to leave these difficult tasks to competent professionals while we spent our time supporting each other."
-A. Dahlke, J. Gordon, D. Earnhart

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Our company organizes your financial situation and assists in settlement.

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