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In 2003, the realization came that not enough communication and preparation was being done to prepare those left behind upon their loved ones passing. This revelation clearly indicated the need for a new industry that could enable individuals to prepare ahead of time for their inevitable passing.  Taking our past experience and knowing what important Estate information would be needed for the future, we collaborated, collected, and created a process to make a difficult time and emotional situation easier.  The end result is what you see now, a method by which individuals are assisted in getting organized NOW.  Therefore, ESS exists because we care about people, and want to help them 
"Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden."TM

We are not a legal, accounting or financial advisory service.  We are an administrative service helping to relieve the anxiety of a very emotional situation.

Our Mission Statement

    • Through initial data gathering and regular updates, we will help you to keep your financial affairs organinized.
    • We assist you to "Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden."TM
    • At your passing, our extensive experience will help the family through, what can be an overwhelming experience.

    "There is no way I could have settled the estate without your help. Thank you for being such a blessing."  

    K. Hausdorf

    Our Principle

    Our company is based on the principle that getting organized and keeping your information up to date is the key to "Leaving a Legacy, Not a Burden."TM What if your Executor could call ONE NUMBER to have your pertinent information available? What if the professioanl at that ONE NUMBER could also assist in settling your estate? Would this help you "Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden" TM?

    If you would like assistance in having your assets, liabilities, and financial situation organized or updated, send us an email or call 877-286-6375.

    "I don’t know how I would have taken care of all my responsibilities without ESS LifeTrack ®" 
    J. Horton