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Our services provide you with:

  • Organization NOW
  • Peace of Mind
  • A binder with your assets, liabilities, insurance and contacts
  • Periodic reviews ensure your financial situation remains up to date
  • Annual Report with updated information
  • Key Contacts and Action list for your Executor
  • Contact with Advisors, family, and important friends
  • Assistance in helping your loved ones upon your passing

Main Services:

  • Financial Organization
  • Quarterly and Annual updates
  • Estate Settlement - administrative assistance

What we do at your passing:

We assist those left behind by bringing organization and peace of mind to a very difficult time.  While your loved ones grieve we are hard at work with your advisors such as attorneys, CPA’s and financial advisors to help your loved ones in an efficient and timely manner.  We do not take over the position of authority of the executor.  We simply work with them to relieve some of their anxiety.  There is enough to do when a loved one passes.  Let us help you 
"Leave a Legacy, Not a Burden"TM

We offer the following administrative assistance in settling your estate:

  • Contacting Social Security 
  • Contacting the IRS
  • Contacting employers (current or past)
  • Contacting banks
  • Contacting insurance companies   
  • Contacting investment firms
  • Gathering forms and assistance in filling them out
  • Title transferring of assets
  • Canceling no-longer needed insurance
  • Obtaining death certificates and letters testamentary
  • Receiving Estate ID number and opening and Estate bank account